Announcement - About Dead Link Issues

Guys, I saw and I realized that all the links hosted in Dropbox are dead, because of that stupid traffic limit that made my account banned from sharing links. So then, I decided to reupload them to another file hosting, MEGA. Hope no further issues will occur.



Guys, I'm sorry that from now I won't probably develop more RPG MV plugins as in the wishlist for some long time. And because I have my own businesses to pay attention on. But still I'm willing to respond to your questions/support on the plugins.

See you in the next time. :)

[RMMV Event System] μ'ki's Simple ABS

Version: v1.01 Beta


The RPG MV project as shown in the download link below demonstrates a simple event-based action battle system.

Contact me for support/bug report:

The Simple ABS Features

  • 'A' and 'S' key for the player character's melee and ranged attack action.
  • Attack actions with firing delay (in frames).
  • On-map enemies with states (per event page): Wander, Chase, Attack, Hit and Dead.
  • Using "Self Variables" plugin for some common events that need things like firing delay and enemy HP.
  • Using "On-Map Bullets" plugin for ranged attacks that spawn bullets.
  • Using "Event Commands Extras" plugin for things like drawing on-map HUD and duplicating events at runtime.


This event system has some flaws that may need some special handlings. You can try to improve it, but you may need JS scripting knowledge, since some common events use pieces of script code.

The demo project uses minimal assets for smaller download size. No audio assets, title screen, etc. included in order to make such compact size.

Download Demo Project

μ'ki's Simple

[RMMV Plugin] Event Commands Extras

Version: v1.00 Beta


This plugin provides plugin commands that are similar to some of the built-in event commands with evalable parameters. It also provides some more 'event commands', like draw text. Such that allows possibility to, e.g. make some HUD bars, yet the built-in event commands can't do it due to mostly fixed argument values. Also event instances can be duplicated.

Contact me for support/bug report:

Plugin Commands

ShowPicture pictureId name origin x y xScale yScale opacity blendMode

MovePicture pictureId origin x y xScale yScale opacity blendMode duration isWait

RotatePicture pictureId angle

DrawText pictureId text x y width height align

DuplicateEvent eventId x y

(more commands coming in the next version)

Note: The parameters are eval, which means they don't have to always be fixed value. And here string values/expressions must be in single quotes ('...'). This plugin also allows parameters in double quotes ("...") have spaces, pretty like the Windows command-line parameters.


This plugin isn't fully documented, and there are some plugin commands not documented here. More plugin commands may be added later if needed, e.g. for an action battle system.

Download Plugin


[RMMV Plugin] On-Map Bullets

Version: v1.01


This plugin enables player character and events to spawn 'bullets' on the game map, that technically are game pictures. The bullets disappear (erased) when hitting obstacles (impassable things). If they hit an event (not the spawning one), its self switch with name configured in the plugin parameter will be turned on. If they hit the player character (not from itself), the switch with id as configured in the plugin parameter will be turned on.

Some RPGs, and mainly action RPGs use such on-map bullet system. And thus this is pretty useful to build an event-based action battle system.

This plugin is a remake from my previous work, RPG VX script 'BulletMod', which is used in a game made by myself, The Mystery House. Check out the script here.

Contact me for support/bug report:

Plugin Command

ShowBullet name source inst_id speed dir atk target fixed

MoveBullet inst_id x y angle

Read the plugin instructions for explanation.


This plugin only provides rather 'raw' function to spawn bullets. You may need some special handlings with your own event commands/scripts if you want to extend some, e.g. to prevent player character spawn bullets while an autorun/triggered event is running since it is run in a parallel event.

Download Plugin


[RMMV Plugin] Localization and String Table

Version: v1.01


This plugin allows your game to use string table for each language stored in data\Strings.json, and the player can select language in Options menu to use. The string table contains strings for the game terms that override the ones defined in the database, and some user-defined strings. Additionally you can use escape notation for the strings on dialog messages.

Contact me for support/bug report:


data\Strings.json stores strings for each language in the following format:


The string langName and term_mes_Language are required to display the 'Language' option item in Options menu. The string locale is necessary to determine locale used in the game (e.g. en_US, zh, jp, ru, etc). The strings for the game terms are optional, if not present the terms data in the database will be used.

Message Escape Notation

For dialog messages, scrolling texts, item and skill descriptions, and anything in window boxes, you can use escape notation in the text: \str[yourString]. The string yourString itself can contain escape notations to be processed.


The complete sample of Strings.json can be downloaded alongside with this plugin. Currently it doesn't include many languages yet, you can add more and suggest if you want.

This plugin doesn't handle item, skill, class, enemy and type names, and also terms defined and used in other plugins unless they allow escape notations to be processed.

Download Plugin

Sample file Strings.json

[RMMV Plugin] Enemy Level

Version: v1.00


In the default RPG MV game system, actors have level and parameter curves corresponding to each level 1~99. That means their parameters change upon leveling up. Yet enemies don't so, and thus their parameters are fixed, even while the actors keep leveling up and getting stronger.

With this plugin, you can define level and parameter curves of enemies as eval formula. The enemy level can be defined as function of average party level, so that their level will be 'adjusted' evenly at the start of the battle, like in some games like Final Fantasy Tactics. Additionally, you can define suffix on their name that indicates their level, like "Lv.XX".

Contact me for support/bug report:

Enemy Notetag


<level: lvl+Math.randomInt(6)-3>
mhp: 100+(lvl-1)*50

Read the instructions for the explanation.

Download Plugin